Welcome at DR.FSU!

The DR.FSU represents all doctoral researchers at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. No matter if you are on a scholarship, an employee of the university or of a different institution - it is our goal to unite all doctoral candidates, offer advice and improve the conditions for young researchers.

We are concerned with academic policy, organize scientific events and provide networking opportunities.

Everyone who is interested in our work is invited to attend our monthly meetings. We also encourage all doctoral researches to involve themselves in one of our committees or e-mail us with any questions or suggestions!

Legislature 2018/2019

From June 13th to June 25th you could vote for the next DR.FSU. You can find the election results here.

An introduction to the candidates can be found here.

Current Members

Jonas Greif (board member), Michelle Maurer (board member), Pelin Sungur (board member), Miles J. Mandel, Lajwanti Dhaka, Olga Gildeeva, Alexander Holzer, Isabelle Kutting, Patricia Luppe, Alaa El Din Mahmoud, Christina Pohl, André Prater, Jana Schneider, Susanne Spira, Carolin Weiß



You can reach us at dr.fsu@uni-jena.de or come to one of our regular meetings (see below). Also note our Facebook page.


doc_meeting - regular meetings - in our office in Bachstraße 18k



doc_table - regular's table

  • 26.10.2019 - 7pm - Zuhause Bar (Weigelstraße 7, 07743 Jena) (facebook)

doc_beats - Party

doc_cinema - cinema

  • 2019, further information will be announced soon


  • againt at the PhD-Day 2020

hot_docs - BBQ
  • again in summer 2020