About the DR.FSU

The DR.FSU consists of up to 17 representatives, who are elected annually by the doctoral candidates of Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena (FSU). The council meets once a month. Additional meetings are scheduled if necessary.

The DR.FSU identifies the interests of the doctoral candidates of the FSU Jena and to represent them in higher education policy and the seanate as well as in the faculty councils. The council is the first point of contact for questions about the doctorate and offers a consultation. Besides, the DR.FSU wants to promote the exchange between the doctoral candidates of the different faculties and offers scientific and social events.

The DR.FSU ...
  • represents the interests of all doctoral candidates at the FSU
  • connects the doctoral candidates of all departments and faculties
  • mediates between doctoral candidates and the university management
  • networks the doctoral candidates of the FSU with the graduate committees of other universities
  • unites the doctoral candidates of the FSU

Topics of the DR.FSU are ...
  • Representation in the senate and faculty councils
  • Status of PhD candidates at theFSU Jena
  • good supervision during the doctorate
  • career planning
  • Compatibility of career and family
  • public relation
  • Networking
  • Employment vs. scholarship

The regulations of Procedure of the doctoral council of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, April 22, 2013 can be downloaded
here in PDF format.