Current members


Casha Ipach
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
: Institute for classical studies, classical archaeology.
PhD Topic
: Die sog. Wucherey - Wohnhaus, Studentenburse, Universitätshauptgebäude und Sitz der Rechtsmedizin. Eine Gebäudebiografie

I am striving for world domination.

Jonas Greif

Faculty: Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
: Astrophysical Institute and University-Observatory
PhD Topic
: Temperature Dependent Laboratory Measurements of the Far-Infrared to Millimeter Opacity of Carbonaceous Dust- Analogues

PhD students are an essential part of the university. They are needed and responsible for research and lecture. Therefore it is important for the university as well as for the PhD students themselves to get engaged into the academic policy. Within this scope the following topics are important to me: the "Thüringer Hochschulgesetz" and the "Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz" including the temporary employment.
Patricia Luppe

Faculty: Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Institute: Astrophysical Institute and University-Observatory
PhD Topic: Debris Disks around M-stars

I want to:
  • improve conditions during the Ph.D.
  • improve the compatibility of scientific careers and family
  • make Dr. FSU more prominent among Ph.D. students

Julien Klaus
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Institute: Computer Science

If you have been to the events, you have often seen me. Now I finally want to give something back.
Astha Jain

Faculty: Faculty of Medicine
: Institute of Biochemistry I
PhD Topic
: Temporal and spatial analyses of signaling cues in the membranes of postsynaptic spines during synaptic plasticity

The Dr. FSU is a great platform to potentially make some changes in the PhD program to make it better for the future generations.  I will be able to share my experiences both as a PhD and a foreign student and share inputs from my colleagues and seniors as well. Although, the experiences of a PhD student are more or less similar amongst us- mounts and valleys of motivation and depression which are significantly distributed in three to four year of study duration :P  
I think deciding what to do post-PhD is difficult than PhD in itself and maybe something can be done about that so that all us can benefit from it and Dr. FSU will be a perfect platform for the same.


André Prater

Deputy: Franziska Sieron
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Institute Institute for Mathematics
PhD topic: Centers of blocks of defect groups

With the new constitution (Grundordnung) of the university, PhD students get finally more right to be heard. Now it is our task to use this possibility and make the important topics for PhD students important topics for the university. The DR.FSU is the best possible group to start with this.
I was member of the DR.FSU in the previous period and I enjoyed the people and the tasks I was given (fincances and some university politics). I am looking forward to another year.


Isabelle Kutting

Faculty: Faculty of Law
PhD Topic: Christoph Menkes Kritik der subjektiven Rechte und Konzeption der Gegenrechte im Spiegel der Jurisprudenz

In order to consolidate what has already been achieved as well as to work on the steady development of good working and research conditions at our university, I would like to give the PhD students of the FSU Jena a voice. As a member of the board, I will support the DR.FSU in being a contact person and in promoting the cooperation between the different institutions in the interests of the PhD students. I am also particularly interested in the support of external PhD students.
We as PhD students have to actively shape the (university-)policy!


Kevin Fiederling
Faculty:  Faculty for Chemistry and Earth Sciences
:  Institute of Physical Chemistry
PhD Topic
: Theoretical description and simulation of the lateral resolution in tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

PhD students are vital for both scientific work at the university and the education of students; nevertheless life during the PhD is stressful and often poorly rewarded. In the past, DR.FSU did a lot to connect, to represent, and to support PhD students and therefore made this stage of life much more enjoyable for us all. I would like to resume and extend this valuable work.


Carolin Müller

: Faculty for Chemistry and Earth Sciences
: Institute of Physical Chemistry
PhD Topic
: In Operando Spectroscopic Investigations of the Photoinduced Dynamics of Hydrogen Evolving Photocatalysts

All PhD students at the FSU Jena are working on individual research projects in which they collaborate and develop their research career and personality in a different manner. During all stages of their PhD their research quality is not only dependent on themselves, but rather more on the research conditions. For all of us thoughtful supervision, collaboration, networking, exchange and literature study are only some of the essential elements for good research. As I am now a PhD student I know that PhD graduation is a process with many diverse pathways rather than just one single path to follow, because all circumstances change with regard to personal and scientific development. Therefore, I want to engage and hightlight the interests and problems of PhD students in Jena. In this context I would like to be their voice in order to allow good research in all disciplines.


Susanne Spira
Faculty: Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
PhD Topic:

Ivan Laškarin
Faculty: Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
: International Relations Department - Political Science Institute
PhD Topic

My aim is to improve the work and life conditions of PhD researchers in Jena. I am primarily interested in the internationalisation of the university, availability of scientific sources and software, quality of university food services, and improved information exchange within the university.

Olga Gildeeva

Faculty: Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences Institute Institute of Geosciences
PhD Topic: Tracing anthropogenic and climate changes in marginal marine environments using Ostracoda and Foraminifera

I've been with DR. FSU for one year and I would love to continue contributing with growing enthusiasm. The possibility to choose how and where one wants to participate gave me the chance to combine my otherwise very busy PhD life with university politics, volunteer work, and social events. By getting to know my colleagues and peers I found new ways to conquer the stresses of a doctoral position and in return, we worked together to improve conditions for all PhDs. In the future I will build on that foundation to further serve the community, eager to help and support wherever I can :)


Maria Poppitz

Faculty: Faculty of Theology
PhD Topic: Thuringian Protestants in Nazi Germany


Maren Kuchenbrod

Faculty: Faculty for Chemistry and Earth Sciences
PhD Topic:


Phuong Anh Nguyen
Faculty: Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

PhD Topic:The road to reconciliation between Vietnam and the United States from 1975 to 1995


Caroline Desiree Will
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Department of German Literature
PhD Topic: Rome as a Literary-Romantic Model in Contemporary Literature

Why I want to be a member of the DR.FSU
  1.  ... because I would like to represent the PhD candidates of FSU. Now, they are still not really represented in the system of professor-staff-students.
  2. ... because I would like to represent especially the PhD candidates of the Faculty of Arts. Currently, they are underrepresented in DR.FSU.

Benjamin Vlad