The work of the DR.FSU

Current Issues

Currently, we are dealing with the following topics, among others.

  • Adaptation of the doctoral regulations of the faculties to the general doctoral regulations of the FSU: The faculties of the FSU adapt their doctoral regulations to the general doctoral regulations of the FSU at the moment. The following faculties have already adapted their doctoral regulations:
    • Faculty of Theology (link)
    • Faculty of Law (link)
    • Faculty of Economics (link)
    • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Science (link)
    • Faculty of Arts (link)
    • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (link)
    • Faculty of Physics and Astronomy (link)
    • Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Science (link)
    • Faculty of Biological Science (link)
  • Position paper on power abuse and conflict resolution
  • Regulations and Informations have to be provided bilingual

Permanent Working Groups

Term of office 2019/20: Casha Ipach, Astha Jain, Julien Klaus
Term of office 2019/20: André Prater, Kevin Fiederling
Term of office 2019/20: Jonas Greif
Term of office 2019/20: Isabelle Kutting
Term of office 2019/20: Jonas Greif

Higher Education Policy

The DR.FSU supports the interests of the doctoral students of the FSU on a higher education policy level. Our aim is to sustainably improve the doctoral and working conditions for all doctoral candidates. In order to improve the condition, the DR.FSU seeks the dialogue with the board of the University and its committees. Since the beginning of 2015, the DR.FSU has had an advisory vote in the Senate and is also represented in all faculty council of the FSU with an associate DR.FSU member in an advisory position. The topics of the university council are regularly communicated to the DR.FSU in talks with the Presidencies of the university councils and the president. In addition, we are in close contact with the network Forum Mittelbau.

Representation in the Senate and Faculty Councils

Senate: Carolin Müller, 1. Deputy: Susanne Spira, 2. Deputy: Isabelle Kutting
Faculty of Theology: Maria Poppitz
Faculty of Law: Isabelle Kutting
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration: Susanne Spira
Faculty of Arts: Casha Ipach
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Ivan Laškarin
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science: André Prater
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy: Phuong Anh Nguyen
Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Science: Maren Kuchenbrod
Faculty of Biological Sciences: Kevin Fiederling
Faculty of Medicine: Jonas Greif


The DR.FSU organizes a series of social and scientific events, such as:

  • doc_meeting (monthly meeting of the council)
  • doc_table (regulars table)
  • doc_beats (Party for doctoral candidates)
  • hot_docs (Barbecue)
  • cine_docs (movie night)

On events of the Graduate Academy, such as the Welcome Day, the PhD Day and the "Sommerfest", we are always present to answer questions related to doctoral studies.



Internal: The DR.FSU has set itself the task of improving the networking of doctoral students of the FSU with its in-house events

Externally: In addition, we actively network with doctoral candidates from other universities to discuss topics relevant to promotion and university policy and to coordinate actions. For example, we founded the Thuringian doctoral student network (Thür_doc) together with doctoral candidates from the Universities of Erfurt, Ilmenau and Weimar. The association of central German doctoral representatives (VMPV), which has existed since October 2015, was founded together with the doctoral students of the TU Dresden, the TU Freiberg, and the University of Leipzig and we meet twice a year to strengthen our voice at the federal level.