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24 Nov 2021
3rd Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference (Digital)
3. Interdisziplinäre Graduiertenkonferenz – Thema: Entgrenzungen –
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23 Sep 2021
Mental health of doctoral students
Supervisors: a blessing or curse?
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Woman holding a piece of paper with a laughing mouth over her sad face.
Image: Sydney Sims
30 Jul 2021
Why should I become part of the DR.FSU?
Why the commitment is worth it.
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6 Aug 2021
Gender equality talk
Who really rules the world?
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A woman and a man pull a rope stretched around the earth
Image: Astha Jain
4 Mar 2021
First online Three Minute Thesis Finals with a worldwide audience
The winners are Fahima Farkhari and Aman Anand
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Winner of Three Minute Thesis Competition 2021: Fahima Farkhari & Aman Anand
Image: Norbert Krause
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